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MBA International


MBA International — is the highest step of a business education. It is aimed at systematization of knowledge, acquisition of practical business skills.
Program duration is 8-10 months, which is divided into 4 week modules. On the expiration of this time each participant has to fill out and provide a check on his/her test. On the termination of the whole course, the participant writes the project.
At the end of the program each participant gains MBA diploma from MMU Business School.

Benefits of the MBA program


The program of training consists of 10 main modules:
1. 0101 | EN | Personal Development
— Finding yourself
— Personal Confidence & Motivation
— Goal Setting for Success
— Effective Discipline
2. 0022 | EN | Management Basics
— Management Basics
— Administration Skills
— Management Briefs
— Change Management
3. 0024 | EN | Entrepreneurship
— Interpersonal Skills For Entrepreneurs
— Making the Business Case
— Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset
4. 0134 | EN | Human Resource Management
— Basics HRM
— Recruitment and Selection
— Internal Communication Management
5. 0054 | EN | Marketing & Sales
— Essentials of Marketing
— Effective Marketing
— Basic Selling Skills
— Sales Planning
— Negotiating Sales
6. Financial Management
— Strategic Financial Management
— International Financial Reporting
— Corporate Finance
7. 0072 | EN | Economics
— Modern Microeconomics
— Advanced Macroeconomics
8. Project Management
— The Practical Guide to Project Management
— Managing Projects
9. Strategic Management
— Working Capital Management
10. Investments
— Investments an introduction

Training Fee: 38540 Лей (2210$)

Training cost includes summary materials, workbooks and the additional material recommended by our teachers. And also in the case of successful delivery of all workbooks and the project, the diploma of MBA of MMU business-school is included in the cost.

Graduation Documents:
Participants who successfully complete the programe will be awarded:.
* The MBA International Diploma delivered by The Management & Marketing Universal Business School
* Diploma Supplement

Additional opportunities:

After the program all graduates will have an outstanding opportunity for a 2 week Internship Programe in Germany and Poland. We arrange trips to leading European businesses, where you can meet professionals in their working environment. We offer our graduates a chance to gain a real insight into the world of business.

Training Progress:
We have a unique approach to learning, which focuses on bringing theory to life, giving you the skills and insight you need to really make a difference. Duration of the programme is 8-10 month remote-session divided onto 3 weeks modules. Every module should be submitted with appropriate test, that you are to provide online for checking up.

For your studies you will just need your computer/tablet/smartphone with Internet access. Digital − the new normal in business − will strengthen your learning process. Our MMU Smart Education platform grant you access to all of the learning materials anywhere and anytime.


Advantages of distance learning:
1. You study when it is convenient to you. You choose time, intensity and duration of the occupations; you study at the speed and a comfortable situation.
2. Mobility. Training materials are always nearby hand due to the educational site, a computer, a laptop or a phone.
3. Information support. We provide the round-the-clock information support.
4. It is easy to combine with studying/working. You can study even if you are occupied the most part of time at study/work.
5. Practicing tutors. The remote program is created by the best practicing tutors.
6. Availability from any point of the world.